Everglades Bibliography

Compiled by: Florence Berea

While a librarian at Florida State University, 1950


This bibliography is limited to references available in the Library, Florida State University. It has been limited further by omitting newspaper references and by omitting books with only scattered references--a few pages here and there. Specific references to the Seminole Indians have also been omitted although many of the General References will contain much interesting material about them.

By way of explanation:


  1. Starred items (*) are those references which have only or two chapters on the Everglades. The specific paging of the chapter references has been omitted.


  2. Wherever two sets of paging appears for the same reference, the paging in parentheses refers to our system of paging continuously certain volumes in this library. For example, in the reference Fla. Grower 44:8, 15 (284, 291) Ap 1936, the paging (284, 291) is the continuous paging of the volume from the beginning and does not appear printed on the pages of the volume.


  3. In classifying the items broadly, the same reference may appear under two different headings if it contains information valuable to each classification.


  4. In selecting and compiling this bibliography every reference has been examined before including it here. It is quite possible that good references have been excluded because they are not in this library's collection.

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