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Walt Dineen Society Annual Conference '97

Daily Schedule of Sessions - Thursday, May 22



Hicklin 97301
Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) (bartr.) Small: an economically important plant of Florida
Brashear and Stoddard 97302
Autumn raptor migration through the Florida Keys
Mazzotti et al. 97303
Populations, habitats and landscapes: multi-scale applied ecological studies for restoration of south Florida ecosystems
Gongora and Jaff 97304
Characterization and speciation of organic pollutants in the Miami River
Hernandez and Jaff 97305
Molecular characterization of organic matter in sediments and biomass from the Florida Everglades and the Florida shelf
Anderson et al. 97306
Horizontal surface and soil water salinity gradients across the mangrove/marsh ecotone
Reyes et al. 97307
Water budget and nutrient exchange at the Everglades' salinity transition zone
Coronado-Molina et al. 97308
Structure and litterfall of a dwarf R. Mangle forest in Taylor River Slough
Sutula et al. 97309
Material exchange between a major mangrove tidal creek and northeastern Florida Bay
Park 97310
Mapping of pre-drainage (ca. 1850) Everglades landscapes and hydrology; comparison with the natural system model
Kieckbusch 97311
A synopsis of foraging behaviors of herons and egrets


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