Kendale Elementary School
Miami, Florida

An In-Class Field Trip

Led by Science Eye with the participation of
Ms. Homan's 4th & 5th Grade Classes

Journal prepared by: Alicia Bailey


Snail Search

Snail Search
By: The Quest Class 1997

One of the centers we visited during our field trip was Snail Search. At this center numerous snail shells were examined. A most interesting shell was the Apple Snail shell. It lays its eggs near the water line of the Everglades and the snails are the only source of food for the Apple Kite bird. Coils of rope were used to place inside the empty shells and then the coils were measured to see how large or small the animals were who once lived in the shell. Snails, we learned, are lickers who often become sick when they are picked up by humans and crawl along a human hand where they become infected with germs. This was a unique center to visit.

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