Kendale Elementary School
Miami, Florida

An In-Class Field Trip

Led by Science Eye with the participation of
Ms. Homan's 4th & 5th Grade Classes

Journal prepared by: Eric Barndollar


Creepy Crawlies
By: Andrew Bauta, Ivan Pesaresi, and Evelyn Hernandez
Lettuce Litter
By: Jessica Duboff, Jessica Boynton, and Ricardo Antonio
Owl Pellet Sleuths
By: Jorge Martinez, Anthony Kim, Matthew Romano, and Jheanell Bailey
Peat Ponderings
By: Alicia Bailey, Brian Briceno, and Eric Barndollar
Gator Glance
By: Bryan Selent, Amy Andollo, and Tyler Stevens
Snail Search
By: The Quest Class 1997

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