Kendale Elementary School
Miami, Florida

An In-Class Field Trip

Led by Science Eye with the participation of
Ms. Homan's 4th & 5th Grade Classes

Journal prepared by: Natalie Sanchez


Owl Pellet Sleuths

Owl Pellet Sleuths
By: Natalie Sanchez

On January 23, 1997, the A.E.P. and Quest students of Kendale Elementary had an in-house field trip called Everglades Reach. Let me tell you about the center called Owl Pellet Sleuths.

At this center the students would look through the owl pellets with their tweezers and try to find bones. An owl pellet is a ball of regurgitated food that an owl's body can't digest. The owl throws up the ball of hair and bones. Once the students would find a bone, they would match the bone up to a picture on a chart. Then, the students would list on the journal what rat the owl was reating.

Everyone enjoyed this center, and learned about what an owl's diet consists of.

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