Kendale Elementary School
Miami, Florida

An In-Class Field Trip

Led by Science Eye with the participation of
Ms. Homan's 4th & 5th Grade Classes

Journal prepared by: Natalie Sanchez


Snail Search

Snail Search
By: Mike Powell

On our field trip there was a station called Snail Search. We had to measure
the snails and take a piece of string and place it inside an empty snail and measure
how far it went in. We also found out that if you hold a snail in your hand it licks
up the germs on your hand. Another thing is that there's a snail kite bird that lives
in the Everglades and the bird swoops down and catches a snail and eats it. There were
real snails that were climbing out of a plastic cage. That's what the snail search
station was about.

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