The Everglades National Park
FIU IDH 4007

Lonely Cypress

Melissa Acosta
IDH 4007
Fall Semester 2003
Prof.Machonis / Dr. Graham



I painted my "Lonely Cypress"
and wrote this poem because,
although I do no have a genuine
talent in either art or poetry, I was inspired
by our guests, painter Joe Palmario and poet
Anne Sullivan, who were both so taken by the
Everglades. I admire their love of this land, because I too feel
the same. I wanted to try something different in order to express my

Melissa Acosta

                                          Lonely Cypress
                                    Standing alone in        a river of grass,
                               Surrounded by roaring         sawgrass of gold,
                                The spike rush sings         as the wind hurries past,
                                  And you stand tall         swaying softly yet bold.

                              The golden rays caress          your tender bark,
                              And sweet drops of dew          lay on your fingers;
                                   Yet even at night          when the sky is dark,
                                Your beauty does not            ever fade, it lingers.

                              And as the garrulous             wind passes by,
                         And the great white egret              sits by your bough,
                      Your slender leaves wilt as               if you will die;
                       But through time you will                 abide as you are now.

                      O, lovely,lonely cypress,                  dry your tears,
                           None will rob your                     beauty, not even years.


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