The Everglades National Park
FIU IDH 4007

"The More You Start to Look...
The More You See"

Jorge Banos
IDH 4007
Fall Semester 2003
Prof.Machonis / Dr. Graham

Aligators, snakes, mosquitos, and swamps was all I knew
I had not yet awakened

My eyes had not yet opened to the truth and beauty
They were shut by Hollywood

The Golden Orb Weaver had not yet spun before my eyes
It's intricate pattern had not yet trapped

The operculum had not yet welcomed me to its home
The apple snail had not come up for air

I never looked
I never saw

Never understood the majestic confidence of the red-shouldered hawk
Preying as if a skillful knight

The finicky Snail Kite had not yet ordered up his meal
Escargot to go please!

Never stopped to feel the peeling bark of the Gumbo Limbo
Always reminding us to wear sunscreen

I never saw
I never looked

I'd never seen the saw grass tickle the sun
Or the sun bathing in the mangroves

Never imagined the Anhinga's precision and dexterity
Spearing it's prey from above

Never felt the earth embrace my feet crying for help
Asking why do we do the things we do

My eyes have only now begun to open
Though I feel I have missed so much

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