The Everglades: From Beginning to End?
FIU Honors Seminar IDH 4007

Artist Statement

Susanne Diaz-Loar
IDH 4007


Painting in the Everglades has been a wonderful opportunity for me. For me it is of primary importance to draw and paint directly what I see, I never work from photographs or memory.

The scetchbook I have prepared this semester is going to be a helpful guide and reference book in the future. I have entangled myself in the environment out there and it shows especially in the first illustration. In this aquarell the process was more important than the end result: We had been "slough slogging" for hours only to arrive at a cypress stand that seemed wetter than the very wet surroundings. Fallen trees at least gave us the possibility to sit - crouched - for a little while and this is where I started painting the water, the trees, the reflections.

My paper had fallen in the water a couple of times and it was thoroughly wet. Naturally halfway into the project it started raining. When I got home not much of the image had remained, but I find that it shows the feeling and the crampedness of quarter.

The second illustration is aquarell and ink drawing and I think shows the variety of color and form that one encounters in the Everglades. It shows a palm tree engulfed by air plants and vines and in the background a tree eaten by a banyan ficus. All this drama is topped by a South Florida blue sky. I like the contrast that is visually given in this painting. It gives a good idea of what the Everglades are like when one is emersed in them.

Thumbnail of Illustration 1
Illustration 1
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Illustration 4
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