The Everglades National Park
FIU IDH 4007


Jeanette Piotrowski
IDH 4007
Journal Entry #1
September 08,2000


Are Alligators Diabetic?

Or better yet why don't Caged Alligators...

				  I don't know what is it that Alligators do?

My vague concept of the "river of grass" is exactly that, 

             grass and water.  

Although, through the roar of an old cranky engine I found:

Cold, limestone between my toes...

                     Swaying palms...

                                           Rustling sawgrass...

                                                                Surveilling moorhens...

                                                                                     Gliding snail kites...


Dancing egrets...	

		                   And preying alligators...

						                                       But lastly I found...

A Deep, Dark, Black Vacuum 


			          Engulfing the Grass

			          Receding the Water

And in the blink of our TV Monitors a new building complex was built.

With happy Alligator tenants who pay their rent one day at a time.

To Licensed Landlords.

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