Marjory Stoneman Douglas Papers (University of Miami)

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Papers document the life and work of an extraordinary woman. Marjory Stoneman Douglas, author and environmental activist, is the author of River of Grass, the first scholarly treatise of the Everglades as a unique environmental ecosystem. This landmark book marks the beginning of her work devoted to the preservation and restoration of the Everglades. Douglas's life in South Florida and her career of writing have had a deep and continuing impact on the community. She founded the Friends of the Library at the University of Miami and had close ties with the Friends of the Everglades, an organization working to promote public awareness and to gain state support toward the preservation of the Everglades. Florida named its Department of Natural Resources Building after Mrs. Douglas.

The Papers contain manuscripts, drafts, galleys and final copies of Marjory Stoneman Douglas' prolific writing career, including her early work as a columnist for The Miami Herald, her many short stories published in various magazines, and her well known books. Many of these drafts, including The Everglades River of Grass, Road to the Sun, and Florida the Long Frontier, contain handwritten corrections and annotations by the author. Douglas performed extensive research for her books and records of these efforts are in the collection. Topical files, scrapbooks, journals and notebooks filled with research facts cover many areas including the Florida Everglades, Indians, hunting, wildlife preserves, and various people and legislative entities. The Papers also contain many personal photographs, correspondence, and video and audio files. Douglas also donated a collection of maps, including several early maps of Florida.

Description prepared by Ruthanne Vogel, University of Miami

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