Photographs of Ralph Middleton Munroe (Historical Museum)

In 1883 Ralph Middleton Munroe brought a camera with him to Coconut Grove. His photographs lyrically portray the Biscayne Bay region's people and places during its last years as a remote wilderness. He continued shooting pictures of South Florida until 1915.

The Munroe collection contains 27 photographic prints from dry-plate negatives. Views are of Coconut Grove, the Barnacle (Munroe’s home), people (family, friends, tourists, African Bahamians, Seminoles), maritime places (Miami River, Florida Keys, Bahamas, lighthouses, etc.) and maritime activities around Biscayne Bay (boat-building, sailboats, wrecking, Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, etc.).

Description prepared by Becky Smith, Historical Museum of Southern Florida

Also available: brief biography of Ralph Munroe.


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