P.O. BOX 299 ST. LOUIS, MO 63166-0299 (314) 577-9450 FAX (314) 577-9465

National Office
Brien A. Meilleur, Ph.D. Executive Director
Anukriti Sud Manager, Conservation Programs
Andrew L. Thomas Project Coordinator
Robin S. Bruce Administrative Assistant
Hawai'i Program Office
Gary Ray, Ph.D. Conservation Projects Coordinator
Joanna Mackin Research Assistant
Board of Trustees
William A. Truslow, Chairman Hill & Barlow, Attorney
Brien A. Meilleur, Ph.D., President Center for Plant Conservation, Executive Director
Robert W. Blucke, Treasurer Fidelity Service Company, President
Phebe S. Miner, Secretary Stevens Foundations, Trustee
George B. Briggs The North Carolina Arboretum, Director
William Hugh Bollinger, Ph.D. Pondaray Enterprises, President
Patricia R. Bush Garden Club of America, Admissions Committee
Richard H. Daley Denver Botanic Gardens, Director
Anne B. Fordyce Albert and Mary Lasker Foundation, Director
Paul G. Hawken Author and Lecturer
Thomas E. Lovejoy, Ph.D. Smithsonian Institution, Assistant Secretary for External Affairs
C.W. Eliot Payne The Holden Arboretum, Executive Director
Richard D. Phippen Woodstock Corporation, Private Trustee
Polly H. Pierce New England Wild Flower Society, Trustee
Janet M. Poor Janet Meakin Poor Landscape Design
The Honorable John C. Pritzlaff Jr. The Nature Conservancy, Director
William Robertson IV The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Program Director
Martin J. Rosen The Trust for Public Land, President
Emmy Seymour Conservation Volunteer, Honolulu, Hawai'i
Mary Anne Streeter Garden Club of America, Vice President
Peter S. Wyse Jackson, Ph.D. Botanic Gardens Conservation International, Secretary General
Science Advisory Council
Barbara A. Schaal, Ph.D., Chair Washington University, Department of Botany, Professor and Chair
John J. Fay, Ph.D. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Office of Endangered Species, Biologist
Richard W. Lighty, Ph.D. Mt. Cuba Center for the Study of Piedmont Flora, Director
Robert H. Mohlenbrock, Ph.D. Southern Illinois University, Distinguished Professor of Botany
Larry E. Morse, Ph.D. The Nature Conservancy Chief Botanist
Norton H. Nickerson, Ph.D. Tufts University, Professor of Environmental Studies
Valerie Pence, Ph.D. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, Head; Plant Conservation Division
Christopher Topik, Ph.D. U.S. Forest Service, Endangered Plant Program Manager
Warren L. Wagner, Ph.D. Smithsonian Institution, Department of Botany, Curator and Chair

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