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An Action Plan to Conserve the Native Plants of Florida


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Recommendation One:

Develop or strengthen feedback loops between biologists, ecologists, and resource managers.

Recommendation Two:

Develop and implement innovative programs to educate a wider public about the practical importance of native plants, the threats to them, and the ramifications associated with their loss.

Recommendation Three:

Provisions of existing federal, state, and local laws pertaining to rare plants and habitats should be maintained and enhanced and, preferentially, made collectively more coherent. Public funding for plant and habitat conservation should be increased.

Recommendation Four:

In situ and ex situ plant conservation activities should be informed by integrated conservation plans. These should be based upon research-based protocols for maintenance of genetic diversity, horticultural treatments, reduction or elimination of threat, and selection and monitoring of restoration sites and methods.

Recommendation Five:

Form plant conservation working groups at region al and state levels and initiate a regular Interdisciplinary Conference on the Management of Native Florida Plants.

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