Segment: After Lecture Chat between John DeGrove and MSD

Source: Lecture by Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Fort Lauderdale, May 6, 1983. Produced by Florida International University Learning Resources for FIU/FAU Joint Center

Link to Audio: SPC930_18

Length of Segment: 00:01:49

John: “Shall we leave it on, in case Marjorie takes a few questions?

Marjorie: You don’t want to start my talking again.

John: “Are you okay? Are you alright?”

Marjorie: “Oh, I’m fine, thank you. Had a nice lunch.”

John: “That reminds me that I should have said that Marjorie Stoneman Douglas is the founder of Friends of the Everglades…”

Marjorie: “Oh, yes! Yes!

John: “…the leader of Friends of the Everglades and you should acquaint them with the opportunity to become members of Friends of the Everglades.”

Marjorie: “Thank you very much, indeed. Thank you very, yes, I founded, we founded this organization, back when we were doing all this in sixty nine and seventy, as Friends of the Everglades, and we are the people particularly fighting all this kind of thing. We work, of course closely, with the other, Audubon Society , the Sierra Club.  Sierra Club particularly is the greatest possible help. They’re just coming along great. They’re young people, they’ve lots of energy and they’re wonderful… the Isaac Walden League. We work with all of them, but we are particularly the ones who are dedicated to the whole Everglades basin. We’d love to have you with us. It’s cost you exactly one dollar and if you would care to give me a, give somebody else your dollars and, (reaching for a brief case),  fill out some blanks, that I have…”

John: “Oh.”

Marjorie: “… with your names, addresses and telephone numbers, see, I did think about it. You will get what publication I have time to write, and you will be informed, we’ve been getting wonderful publicity, in the papers, so you get to know us. We’ll be very happy to have you with us. Thank you very much, again.  Now you better unhook me. Oh, well, (unintelligible)”

John: “We might take a few questions, if it’s okay.”

Marjorie: “Well, it’s alright with me, if I can answer them.”

John, (to audience): “If you have questions and by the way, these membership cards will be up here. Feel free to come and take them and fill them out…”

Marjorie: “Yes.”

John: “…if you so desire.”

Marjorie: “Oh, yes.”

John: “We won’t force you but we might not let you out the door.” 

Marjorie: “Oh, go on. You couldn’t do that!  You have to let them out. They might have to go home.  You can’t tell,.”