Segment: Continuing battle to protect Florida's Environment

Source: Interview with Jack Kaufman: journalist, member of the Florida Defenders of the Environment and UF Zoology professor.  Kaufman joined the Florida Defenders of the Environment in 1970 with Marjorie Carr

Link to Audio: SPC935_7

Length of Segment: 00:01:37

Interviewer: “Is it going to continue to change? Is there a new role for it?  Do you think that people…

Jack: “You’re better asking Margie that.”

Interviewer: “Well, but you’re, you’ve been involved and seen a change over the years and you found that government is responding in a different way. There are some people who’d say, ‘The battle is won and…”

Jack: “In terms of stopping the Cross Florida Barge Canal we’ve accomplished a lot. I don’t think the canal will be built. We haven’t won the battle yet, because the canal has not been deauthorized and the canal structures are still there. At any time the appropriations could re-start construction on the canal, so we haven’t even won that battle yet, after fifteen years, we’re still fighting the Cross Florida Barge Canal. About some projects, we’ve had some success on. Some we’ve had no success on, we’ve lost. The fact that the government is more environmentally concerned and aware, now, doesn’t mean that we can afford to ease up, because the problems get worse all the time. I think, overall, we’re losing ground. I think environmentalists are constantly losing ground simply because of the oppressive environmental pressure and there’s been the pressure to accommodate the increasing population pressure and the press to build more cities and more roads and whatever to accommodate the increasing population. So, overall, I think we’re losing ground. So, it’s a delaying action. And, if the environmentalists would ever ease up, the people that want to destroy the environment for their short term profit, would go rushing ahead and we would be in terrible shape.