Segment: Army Corps and Water Management

Source: Interview with Marjory Stoneman Douglas: a tale of two women / produced by Florida International University Learning Resources for FIU/FAU Joint Center. Videotaped at the Douglas House in Coconut Grove, June 15, 1983.

Link to Audio: SPC951_5

Length of Segment: 00:01:55

Interviewer: (13:17) You mentioned several times the importance of water to Everglades national park and…

MSD: Well…

Interviewer: And that’s…

MSD: Course its enormously important to the Park as I say, it was cut off before it was born, practically.  Then some years later when it wasn’t getting enough water, Bill Baggs of the News and Mr. Knight of the Herald went up to Washington and saw President Johnson about the need of the Park for water, and Johnson called in the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Interior and said “now you two men have got to get together on this.  The Corps is denying the Park water, and the Park is partly the property of the Department of the Interior, and you two have got to get together.  So, a contract was signed between the Corps and the Park, which said that would be given, I forgot how many gallons of water, when the Corps had it.  But since the Corps has never been particularly interested in the Park.  And its been a problem ever since.  Of course, once and a while when the Water Management District dumps out too much water from the number two and number three conservancy basin, the Park suddenly gets more water than it wants or should have at that time of year.  The rest of the time it could be too dry, but the whole, the Park has to be considered with the whole problem.  And it should be considered, the Governor will have to consider all of that as part of the problem. (15:12)