Segment: Limited water and difficulties of raising vegetables in Florida

Source: Interview with Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Videotaped at the Douglas House in Coconut Grove, June 16, 1983.

Link to Audio: SPC956_2

Length of Segment: 00:01:39

Marjorie: The thing I said the other day in Tallahassee to the governor at the conference... I think people are not realizing at all that the time is coming when there will be less and less agriculture, because the people will want the ground to live on, rather than to grow vegetables in.  And I think, more and more, the people will crowd out agriculture also because it will be a fight between agriculture and people as to who's to get the water.  Now, with a limited water supply, the agriculture is getting more water in proportion than people, but I don't know how long that can keep up.  And I think eventually the development will cover just about everything that can be covered, I think that is the way the thing is heading.  But the agriculture is not so important. I don't know if they believe me, I've said so.  I said, "you people are planning for things the way they are today, but, to my mind, you've got to recognize that the development is going to go on more and more strongly, and crowding out the agriculture, and you've got to recognize that in the course of time.  And I really think I'm right.  It might not come right away but it'll come faster and faster if we have more and more people.  They're not coming down here to raise vegetables, or even to eat them, you know, they're coming down for the way of life, the ease and the sun and all that.