Segment: Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Marjorie Harris Carr discuss the basic simplicity of environmental problems

Source: Special Voices: two Florida women / Florida Atlantic University/Florida International University Joint Center for Environmental and Urban problems ; production facilities, FIU Media Services ; post-production facility, WLRN-TV.

Link to Audio: SPC957_02

Length of Segment: 00:01:53

Interviewer: "Are there some issues, some environmental issues, that are perhaps so complex to understand, so technical in nature, that it would be very difficult for the public to be informed and to express their opinions to the government about them? That's... some people say that today's environmental issues are much more difficult, they are more complex than previous."

MSD: "I don't think they're so difficult as all that. After all, we're not completely stupid people."

M Carr: "Right. Right."

(9:20) MSD: "The problems of earth and water and air ...pollution and all that seem to be perfectly simple problems. The techniques of solving the problems may be pretty complicated, but we should be able to say to people, 'Go clean it up.' And let them, who know, do it. But we're the ones to know that it must be done. I don't think that's so complicated, do you?"

M Carr: "I certainly don't. And I think the burden, there, lies on the government and being able to describe the process in simple lucid terms and not get tied up in gobbledy gook and not get tied up in lots of initials and stuff and stop.

MSD: "Yes, gobbledy gook's the word, yes."

M Carr: "As Marjorie, (MSD), said, it's basic. It's basic! Coping with the environment is basic! You know. Yes."

MSD: "I think it's mostly that people don't want to.They say, ' it's too difficult. Oh, I couldn't understand that'.  Women, in particularly, who don't want to be bothered, you know, it's mostly that, but they've got to be bothered. They'll be bothered worse if they don't."

M Carr: "Right."(10:35)