Segment: Marjory Stoneman Douglas and Marjorie Harris Carr talk about the importance of an educated public, discussion of the "newness" of Florida residents, ideas for spreading information to tourists regarding Florida conservation efforts and the Chamber of Commerce

Source: Special Voices: two Florida women / Florida Atlantic University/Florida International University Joint Center for Environmental and Urban problems ; production facilities, FIU Media Services ; post-production facility, WLRN-TV.

Link to Audio: SPC957_03

Length of Segment: 00:01:46

Interviewer: "With the number of new residents coming to Florida...

M Carr: "Ah."

Interviewer: "...and the importance of public opinion, that you both agree on... the importance of an educated public, what is the challenge that the new residents present..." 

M Carr: "Ah!"

Interviewer: " environmental groups, like yours and to government?   How can these people be expected and how can they expect to be educated, how can you educate them?"

MSD: "Why I don't see why not. That's what we tried to do."

M Carr: "You can but it is the speed with which.  They'll get educated after they've been here awhile. But Marjorie and I were talking yesterday... It won't be long before people who've been here, who've lived here at least ten years, we call those Floridians, will be a minority group statewide. They are in certain parts now. And we can't have this gap of people having to live here X number of years before they become aware of what's going on. And I would like to see the governor and the Department of Commerce and the Department of Tourism really take over a program of educating, both visitors and new residents, about our natural environment here."

MSD: "I don't know whether that Department... I'd be so afraid they'd try to get people to come down that they would be overstating the cases. I'm not so sure whether that department would be the one should educate the people.  I think..."

M Carr: "I meant, you know, at the border, when people come they have a welcome station and they get free orange juice.  Well, and they have an array of folders there, 'Come see Disneyworld. Come see Wiki Watchi. Come see this and that. Well, there certainly ought to be one there.....

MSD: "Yes."

M Carr: " 'Florida Beautiful Florida. Know it. To know it is to love it.' know

MSD: "Yes. 'Know it and try to keep it'. (chuckle)"

M Carr: "Yes. Which would help."

MSD: "That might be a good idea. I wonder how much people read about that sort of thing, when they're just coming in, however it ought to be more available to them. But, there again, I think the media is the best answer to that. Newspapers, and TV and radio and the whole business."

M Carr: "Yeah"

MSD: "I think maybe The Department of Natural Resources should do something."

M Carr: "Maybe they could.  Yes, yes.  That would be the logical one."

MSD: "That would be the one.  We want to keep it away from the Chamber of Commerce complex, or attitude..."

M Carr: "Either that or get to change the Chamber of Commerce."

MSD: "Ah, I don't know but what that is an almost insurmountable job."

M Carr: "Well, stranger things have happened."

MSD: "I suppose so, but I'm afraid the Chamber of Commerce, to me, is rather a fixed point.  I've been in disagreement with them so much I am afraid."