Segment: MSD talks about how water supply will eventually control population growth in the Keys

Source: Special Voices: two Florida women / Florida Atlantic University/Florida International University Joint Center for Environmental and Urban problems ; production facilities, FIU Media Services ; post-production facility, WLRN-TV.

Link to Audio: SPC957_10

Length of Segment: 00:01:56

Interviewer: "What do you believe that the future holds?  What do you think the long term trends will be, now and into the future, about trends in public opinion on the natural environment? Do you feel there'll be a strengthening of concern and interest?"

MSD: "We hope so, we hope so. Why not."

M Carr: "That's what we're both working for."

MSD: "That's what we're working for. Otherwise, if we didn't believe it we wouldn't be working, I don't suppose "(chuckle)

M Carr: "Right."

MSD: "Sure. Of course the problem is...will be... Will they increase the population? That's where the great problem is going to come, whether even education is going to help with the explosion of population which is, I think, the great problem now. I have no idea how this is...whether it could...I don't think it can be stopped."

M Carr: "Well, I think it can. The present...and that's why again why I think it's well worth the effort, particularly in places like Florida and the Keys, where we happen to be today, to get your plans...good get them implemented."

MSD: "Yes."

M Carr: "And they can get them rearranged. John DeGrove is going to do this, I'm quite sure."

MSD: "Well, I hope so. I hope so, indeed, because every day means more people. What I think about the Keys is the water will control the population, eventually..."

M Carr: "Eventually."

MSD: "...that is the basis. It will with all of us. They're going to have to put in desalinization plants at vast expense and the taxes will go up."

Interviewer: "So, the cost will be the controlling factor."

MSD: "So, I think water will be one of the controlling forces."