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The Everglades Digital Library (EDL) is a service of the Digital Collections Center at Florida International University Libraries in Miami, Florida. The EDL was established in 1996 to support research, education, decision making, and information resource management within the greater Everglades community. Since that time, the project has grown to serve patrons from around the world with Web-accessible digital collections, the online reference service 'Ask An Everglades Librarian', and other online information services.

Because much of the documentary history of south Florida is geographically dispersed across institutions and collections, the EDL actively collaborates with numerous scientific, government, library, and educational organizations in and around Florida . These organizations include:

  • • and others!


Our ongoing collaborative effort to make Everglades research freely available to people by Internet involves the following activities.

  • • Collaborative development of the Everglades Digital Library
  • • Design and technical management of the Everglades Information Network -- a comprehensive portal to south Florida environmental information
  • • Cooperative grant writing
  • • Original cataloging and indexing of unique materials, including web sites
  • • Digitization and web delivery of often-requested and/or fugitive curricula, government documents, museum holdings, and other materials.
  • • Preservation/conservation of rare archival materials
  • • Inter-library loan
  • • Digital reference and referral


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